Making gelato parlours sustainable with Prodotti Stella


We can all play our part, but if we work together we can do so much more!
We want to help our partners and customers so that together we can make the shift to sustainable gelato parlours.

The first step that you can take is choosing All Natural products, which are made with natural ingredients and free from chemical additives and preservatives. However, together we can do so much more!

Every year, a third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away.
We believe that All Natural customers are bound to want to take action in other areas of social and environmental responsibility as well.

Therefore, Prodotti Stella is offering an opportunity to join the anti-waste revolution with the TOO GOOD TO GO app.
With Too Good To Go everyone can get involved in the fight against food waste.
Businesses can put products that remain unsold at the end of the day onto the platform, thus introducing themselves to more than 2.5 million users while also ensuring that they do not have to throw products away.
Users save products that are still perfectly fine by buying them through the app, thus supporting local traders.
Both sides help the planet by reducing food waste.
Everyone wins with Too Good to Go!

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If you are already an All Natural customer or you want to introduce the All Natural philosophy and approach in your gelato parlour, click here to find out all about the All Natural project and join the Too Good To Go community. (Only for Italy).

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