Nutgel Black

cod. 8778

Dedicated to lovers of dark chocolate

Dedicated to lovers of dark chocolate flavors: very dark color, high content of low-fat cocoa, without hazelnuts.

Nutgel Black is a versatile product:

  • For the preparation of a dark chocolate Gelato, with a typical Gelato structure, very full-bodied, with a fondant flavor and very dark color. Very easy to use.
  • For the preparation of "CREMINO" alternating layers with gelato, for example, with WHITE CHOCOLATE or FIORDILATTE flavor, creating a pleasant contrast between the gelato and the dark flavor of NUTGEL BLACK.
  • For creamy inserts, fillings and adding flavor to confectioner’s custard, cream and Italian semifreddo.
  • Pure as Gelato flavour: after being frozen it takes on the consistency and typical structure of gelato.

Technical Sheet

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