Mandarinetto Isolabella

cod. 9625

Mandarinetto Isolabella is a famous liqueur that dates back to 1871. It is made from macerated mandarin oranges from the Mediterranean region. It is an exclusive by Prodotti Stella.
Mandarinetto Isolabella is a multi-purpose product, without alcohol, that can be used to make gelati, sorbetti, variegati, shushes and semifreddi.
MANDARINETTO ISOLABELLA flavour can be made by using a water-only base, as well as with a part water/part milk base.

Mandarinetto Isolabella is excellent to variegate Yoghurt gelato. It can be used in combination with Farcifruit Neutro to prepare catchy mirror icings for cakes and single portions.

170-220 g/L
3 kg
24 m
to variegate

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