Ingredients for sustainable gelato


It all starts with gelato and the ingredients in it.
More and more people are carefully watching what they eat, so Prodotti Stella is dedicated to maintaining high standards in its food products.


Focus on the ingredients

The products in the All Natural line are made from simple, wholesome ingredients and designed for making gelato that is not only delicious but also natural and sustainable. We first moved into this sphere in 2004 and we are constantly honing and adding new flavours to our selection.
All Natural products are completely free from artificial colourings, hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners, GMOs, palm oil and artificial flavourings.


Vegan Gelato

The items in the Think Vegan line can be used to make gelato that is free from animal fat, thus combining health, respect for animals and great flavour.


Products that are Made in Italy

Ever since 1936, Prodotti Stella has endeavoured to use as many ingredients with Italian origins as possible in its numerous solutions for gelato parlours.



Being transparent is a key part of the process of becoming more sustainable. Providing more information enables consumers to make informed decisions. Therefore, all of the items in the All Natural line fully embrace the clean label approach.

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