Growing together


We have decided to call the new era that lies ahead: Stella 2.0:


The “2.0” concept is the epitome of turning points, change and revolution.
In the modern world - and during the lockdown in particular - the internet has provided a virtual way of reflecting everything about us: our thoughts, feelings, ways of expressing ourselves and concerted actions.
Being forced to isolate from the world laid the foundations for greater understanding of it. When we were physically distant but virtually connected, we gained a more in-depth understanding of everything around us and learned to create new working methods and opportunities for interaction.


One of the main values that the pandemic has made us feel even more strongly and closely is unquestionably the Italian identity that has always been associated with our product: Gelato.
Prodotti Stella is an Italian company that is part of a large Italian group. We are proud to say that we are committed to keeping 100% of our production processes in Italy and taking guaranteed, uncompromising quality worldwide.
As a result of the current circumstances, we have decided to take on a new challenge and become even more dedicated to sustainability, quality; and “good food”: i.e. food that is good for both us and the planet.
We also want to be closer to our gelato makers, our partners and the customers who love our products.

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