Dreams are part of us. They are part of our sleep and the time of day when our rational side takes a break and our brains venture into the sphere that helps to revitalize us: the unconscious.

The language of dreams is full of symbols whose meanings can be interpreted. Those of us who are lucky enough to remember them may learn something new from their dreams: something that is not expressed by our rational minds but only by our unconscious thoughts.

How many of you have dreamed of seeing or eating some delicious gelato? Gelato represents pleasurable experiences, which should be savoured. Its sweetness is associated with feelings, affection and love, as epitomized by time spent with others. Consequently, dreaming of gelato is a good sign. It symbolizes pleasant encounters, happiness and love, which can often be traced back to joyful times during childhood. At the same time, the fact that gelato is cold offers people who are perhaps too impulsive a reminder that they need to be a little more rational.

We have taken inspiration from the stars for a new product, based on something that has always been the stuff of dreams for young and old alike. It is part of a wonderful star-filled story all of its own, which is packed with hazelnuts, cocoa and sugar. The most significant star of all can be found in our DNA. Drawing on it, we have created a delicious gelato flavour using everyone’s favourite chocolate biscuits.


A new flavour has been added to the broad selection in the “I want kookie” range: Kookie Stella. The famous chocolate biscuits are even more delicious when their crunchy delights are combined with creamy cocoa gelato. The tastiest stars in the world adorn magical gelato, which is also suitable for people with coeliac disease because all of the ingredients are Gluten Free.


Don’t just dream of it! Offer your customers Kookie Stella…


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The Kookie Stella flavour consists of:


Kookie Stella Paste in 3 kg tins – Dosage: 50-60 g/l of mix

Kookie Stella Variegato in 2.5 kg tins

Kookie Stella biscuits in 1.5 kg bags

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