Party Gelato

Summer’s finally here!  We’d like to give you a few tips for an outdoor gelato party.

When the weather starts getting nicer, the idea of getting together with friends to have a great time in the open air becomes more and more appealing. What better opportunity could there be to organize a gelato-based evening on a terrace or in a garden?

Create the perfect summer party atmosphere with a little background music, some greenery and cheerful, colourful table decorations.

Choose the right accessories for the occasion, such as coloured glasses, cups for serving coffee with fiordilatte or hazelnut gelato, classic cones, biscuit cups and wafer baskets. Make sure everything is perfectly in keeping with the theme and don’t forget to add a personal touch so that your friends take away lasting memories of a unique evening.

Of course, the most important thing is to select and serve good artisan, natural gelato, which is made using the experience and know-how that only the very best artisan gelato makers can pour into their unique, inimitable products.

If you want to take things to the next level, you could create your very own gelato flavour that has been conceived and made especially for the occasion. 

There are all sorts of delicious treats that you can make to go with your gelato, such as little cones dipped in chocolate, with fruit inside. Let your guests choose which decorations and flavours of gelato they would like.

Another great idea is to serve small, individual portions of colourful, artisan semifreddo desserts. They are wonderful for eating with a spoon and the attention to detail that goes into their presentation means that they are ideal for buffets that are relatively simple to prepare but guaranteed to make a big impression on your guests!  Nobody can resist them and one is never enough…

At the end of the evening, don’t let your guests leave until they’ve tried a special Disaronno gelato cocktail. The taste sensations offered by Disaronno gelato with Tia Maria liqueur, espresso and a drop of Disaronno liqueur are truly glorious. It is the perfect way to bring the curtain down on a marvellous party.

Enjoy yourselves!