Naturally Sweet: a natural sweetness

Due to the universal appeal of sweet treats, until a few years ago people did not tend to question the wholesomeness of sugar in the things they ate.

However, recently there has been significant interest in the excessive sugar contents in the foods that we eat on a daily basis and how they can be a contributing factor in cardiovascular diseases and other conditions.

The World Health Organization, the American Heart Association and other organizations have given recommended daily limits for sugar intake for people to follow in their diets. The aim of the restrictions is to halt the spread of problems associated with overweight and obesity, especially during childhood.

Recommended daily limit

WHO =  50g means 10-12 teaspoons

American Heart Association = 30-50g


71% of consumers check the sugar content before they buy a product.

Added sugar is the ingredient that causes most concern among consumers who take an interest in the nutrition information about products.

Prodotti Stella’s Response with a new family line “without sugar added” that is called Naturally Sweet. A Gelato range that is not only delicious but also nutritional, focusing in particular on the health of consumers and their desire to enjoy authentic, guilt-free food experiences.

The products in the Naturally Sweet range feature sugar substitutes with a low glycaemic index, and produce truly delicious gelato (unlike some other sugar-free products): the taste of the fruit flavours in particular is on a par with that of gelato containing added sugars.

Three Gelato products designed for people who need to cut out or drastically cut down on sugar in their daily dietsor people who lead healthy and balanced lifestyles and want a guilt-free way, to avoid missing out on the delights of gelato.


This base with sweeteners but no added sugars can be used to make smooth cream gelato with authentic flavours that are less sweet than traditional gelato.


This base can be used with water in a pasteurizer (low pasteurization at 65 °C is recommended) or processed cold with very hot water. This base is also recommended for use in cream gelato flavours such

as hazelnut, pistachio and cocoa with no dairy products and no added sugar.

It can be used with plantbased drinks, lactose-free milk or water, giving results that are less creamy and have a shorter shelf life.

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