Introducing a huge selection of new creations from Prodotti Stella

The summer breeze is bringing fresh additions to the Prodotti Stella range, with all sorts of new products to offer your customers.

First up is “Eurostella Base 100 Naturally”: a completely natural base with no artificial emulsifiers or stabilizers. Despite the lack of vegetable oil, it gives outstanding creaminess and substantial body. Made with next generation plant fibres, it is All Natural and gluten-free.

One of the top flavours this year is Sardinia, featuring a selection of sublime ingredients built on ancient Sardinian traditions.

It really brings out the fresh, natural delights of sheep’s milk ricotta, which is complemented by the firm flavour of myrtle (once deemed a sacred plant of the gods).

The myrtle variegato is enriched with sophisticated notes of pompia: a rare Sardinian citrus fruit that is like nothing else in the world. After a long, gruelling process, the fruit is transformed into an unmistakable candied sweet. Pompia has been protected by the Slow Food Presidia scheme since 2004.

Rounding off the taste sensations are Pistoccus biscuits: light, crumbly Sardinian sponge fingers for crumbling on gelato.

For those with even more of a sweet tooth, we have created a delicious gelato flavour using everyone’s favourite chocolate biscuits: Kookie Stella. The famous biscuits are even more delicious when their crunchy delights are combined with creamy cocoa gelato. The tastiest stars in the world adorn magical gelato, which is also suitable for people with coeliac disease because all of the ingredients are Gluten Free.

One of the most popular new products is a new addition to the Hicream range: a special smooth pistachio Nutgel. The cream has a high pistachio content, a rich colour and no pieces. Gelato makers love Hicream products because of their versatility: they can be used neat on gelato, for variegato purposes or for making creamy gelato. In addition, they are ideally suited for glazing and making cold desserts.

Finally, Latin America and exotic countries have inspired two new sauces whose colours and flavours call to mind distant lands.  Mango sauce contains a high percentage of purée of the fruit, which is in ever greater demand in gelato parlours. It is an All Natural, Gluten-Free product.

Dulce de Leche sauce is made with the traditional ingredients used in the famous confection. The product takes the form of a liquid cream that is ideal for decorations and variegato. It has a soft texture and it is very sweet because it is made by heating and reducing sweetened condensed milk. The product is gluten-free.

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