Autumn in the gelato parlour: Prodotti Stella’s new semifreddo cakes

Autumn is just around the corner, so it’s time for new additions to gelato parlours. Just like every year, Prodotti Stella is updating its range of semifreddo cakes and presenting new creations in the Bakery selection (which contains products that are gluten-free but still full of flavour)

Kookie & Wine Cake – The roots of the new Kookie creation for 2021 by #ProdottiStella lie in Italian traditions, the wines and flavours of its homeland, and the famous almond-flavoured cantucci biscuits. There is geleé at the heart of the cake, which is made with Kookie&Wine Variegato. It is inspired by Tuscan traditions and the authentic flavours of cantucci and Vin Santo. With its perfect pairing of fresh, sweet sensations, the gelato has proved very popular. It has now also been brought to life in a semifreddo cake that’s ideal for serving at the end of a classic Tuscan meal. The coating is made with our “Mix for Customized Glaçages”, which is a wonderful way to create an unbeatable topping to reflect your taste and creativity. Rounding it all off are cantucci crumbs.

Tiramisu Crunch Cake – Tradition and innovation come together in Tiramisu Crunch by #ProdottiStella: sublimely smooth cream with astonishingly crunchy qualities. The most popular and famous dessert in the world has been given a “crunchy” twist that will amaze lovers of classic Tiramisu and everyone else too! Tiramisù All Natural semifreddo with a Creamy Mascarpone insert resting on a Dobus Roll base soaked in Bagna Fantasia Coffee.

Quattrostagioni Yogurt Cake – You can put together all sorts of flavours and combinations for this cake thanks to the hugely varied selection of Quattrostagioni products. Summer might be over, but this fabulously fresh cake will keep its spirit alive. Pineapple and Rosemary semifreddo sits on top of a gluten-free Cocoa Crumble base. Mandarin and Turmeric variegato covers the upper layer of the cake and adds an eye-catching splash of colour.

Wafer and cone mix – Thanks to the new mix of ingredients in the Bakery line, your customers can now watch as you whip up regular wafers, cones, fan wafers and wafer curls before their eyes.  

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