Around the World in 7 gelato flavours

When you talk about gelato, you’re bound to think of Italy: the homeland of a food that knows no borders and spans all seasons. The word “gelato” has broken down all language barriers and become a universally recognized term like “pasta” and “pizza”.

Every nation has its own preferences when it comes to gelato flavours, but we’ve carried out a small survey that reveals that the classics are among the favourites.

The most popular flavour in Italy is pistachio. Creamy and a little salty, pistachio gelato encapsulates the excellence on offer in artisan gelato parlours. It is packed with nutritious properties and is frequently chosen by a wide range of customers together with cream or fruit flavours. It is superb when decorated with a sprinkling of nut chips.

Meanwhile, the French like to savour the aroma and flavour of delicious vanilla gelato. It calls to mind ancient times, when the Aztecs called it “black flower” in reference to the colour of the fruit after it has been picked. As well as vanilla, the new offerings Kookie&Cream and Buenissimo are among this season’s most popular flavours in France. The former is a tribute to biscuits that are black on the outside and white on the inside. Delicious vanilla and milk cream between two crumbly, crunchy dark chocolate biscuits. Buenissimo is a nod to the famous snack with a similar name and an unmistakable flavour: enveloping milk chocolate, crispy wafers and a hazelnut cream centre.

The Italian art of artisan gelato is proving a big hit all over the world and nowhere more so than in the United States, where it continues to spread and build up a reputation for reliable quality. Standing out among the best loved flavours in the “New World” is Mint Chocolate Chip: the freshness of mint leaves and the sweetness of crunchy little chocolate chips offer unique taste sensations to enjoy on a warm summer evening.

Over in Spain, they are particularly fond of a flavour inspired by a famous American dessert: Cheesecake. The gelato recreates the delights of a simple cake made with cream cheese, biscuits and a variety of decorative sauces. Another flavour that is very big in Spain is one of the classics: chocolate, in its endless different forms.

Yogurt is an essential part of the selection in all gelato parlours, but this is particularly true in Germany because it is a favourite with many customers. It is a light, natural flavour that can be enriched with sophisticated variegato products and chips. It is a flavour that gives gourmets boundless scope for creativity.

Rather sophisticated flavours are in demand in the East and in Indonesia in particular. Peanuts and Salted Caramel are among the favourites. Both have rich, intense flavours. Their creamy, enveloping textures are combined with a salty aftertaste that creates interesting sweet and savoury contrasts.

Hazelnut is a classic Italian flavour that is huge in Brazil. Shelled, roasted and then left whole or crumbled, hazelnuts can be used as healthy and delicious ingredients in all sorts of gelato recipes. In order to really bring out their exceptional sweetness, they must be carefully selected.

We could carry on our journey but instead we’ll let all of you gelato lovers discover the favourite flavours in lots of other places around the world for yourselves. Have fun!

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