Prodotti Stella took a stand full of new creations to Rimini for the 40th Sigep International Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and Coffee Exhibition, which has just ended.

From outside, the stand evoked and called to mind the traditions built on the company’s 83 years of experience in the field, which it shares with artisan gelato makers from all over the world every day. The welcoming atmosphere inside really brought out the colours and softness of gelato that was masterfully made in accordance with tradition while keeping a close eye on the latest innovations.



A total of 64 flavours - including 12 exclusive new creations - were presented to the market for the 2019 season.



Disaronno All Natural

Disaronno is a quintessential Italian classic whose quality and unique characteristics make it one of the most popular and best known liqueurs in the world. It has been an exclusive Prodotti Stella artisan gelato brand for more than 20 years. It is a flagship flavour and it has now been joined by a new, completely All Natural paste with no alcohol, nothing but natural flavourings and a high content of pralined almonds and hazelnut chips that stay crispy in gelato.

Venesiana All Natural

A modern, All Natural take on one of our great classics. Its modern spirit is complemented by age-old sweetness whose delicious delights are timeless.


The flavour and light blue hue that boys love so much has been given a completely All Natural twist in accordance with the principles of Prodotti Stella’s “All Natural Manifesto”. Aromatic notes that are just waiting to be discovered are evoked by the delicate flavour.


Naturalove is an All Natural flavour for modern girls who love bold yet delicate tutti frutti colour and taste sensations.

Coconut Kookie

A new All Natural, gluten-free flavour in the I WANT KOOKIE line.
Inspired by the delicious biscuits with a fragrant crust around a soft centre, it encapsulates all of the fabulous flavour of coconuts, which come in the form of little grated flakes.

Variegati Quattrostagioni: Mango, Blueberry, Pear and ginger

This is a line of products that are packed with whole fruit. It is designed especially for making variegato gelato and adding an appetizing and attractive touch not only to gelato but also to semifreddo, mousse in tubs and lots of confectionery creations. The range has been expanded with the addition of three new products that stay soft even after long periods of storage below 0°C, meaning that they are ideal for garnishing, filling and decorating.

Santo Domingo Cocoa

Introducing a product with all natural ingredients from the country that produces the best cocoa beans in the world. The flavour is not too dark, so it offers the ideal balance for lovers of both dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

A number of new bases were presented at Sigep 2019, as Prodotti Stella increasingly caters to the demand for more wholesome and natural solutions (All Natural range).

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