We are here!

These three words sum up the situation at Prodotti Stella, despite the troubled times that we are facing right now. We are fully complying with all of the rules set by the Italian government and the health and safety of all concerned is our top priority, but we have never stopped working.

We are here, because we believe that the best way to combat the virus is to preserve a sense of normality despite the worrying situation that is unfolding. We are taking a rational, responsible approach and continuing to provide our clients and partners with all of our usual services.

We might be using remote work systems but you can rest assured that we will always be here to provide all of the support you need and thank you for the faith you show in us by choosing to work in partnership with Prodotti Stella every day.

Make sure you stay in touch: you can contact your local representatives by telephone or email, as usual.

We are sure that by sticking together and conscientiously showing all of the necessary care and attention, we can get through this and come through the other side even stronger than before!

We are here: united, organized and hard at work.

We hope that things will be back to normal all over the world as soon as possible. In the meantime, we wish you all the best.


For enquiries regarding orders, please contact your local representative.

To place orders and arrange deliveries, please email our Customer Service team at

For marketing enquiries, please email




Prodotti Stella SpA

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