Everything started when five little sisters were abandoned by their mother and were living under dreadful conditions in a deserted shack with no running water, no toilet, and very little food. 

Los Angelitos Orphanage was founded on September 13, 2003 by Norma Angelica Contreras and Edward Perry. Inspiration for the name “Los Angelitos” was derived from the name “Angelica.” They both had a dream to create a living environment with a family-like atmosphere where the children’s needs and desires would be first order of importance, where the children would be given an opportunity to grow and flourish, to become educated, to gain self-confidence and self-respect.

The orphanage is located in the rural south Tijuana area with a second location in urban Tijuana. They have been in operation for sixteen years and currently have children ranging in age from 1 year to 21 years old with several in college. Los Angelitos has continued to grow and now houses over 30 well-behaved, responsible and happy children.

The ‘Proof Positive’ project aims to provide concrete support for these children and the volunteers who look after them: with the Naturalike and Naturalove flavors, you’ll help to buy some of the materials needed for the start of the new school year. Let your customers know that you’re backing the initiative by displaying the certificate and the flyers in your store.

Help us to help them!

Proof positive! Proof Naturalike and Naturalove flavors!

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