About us

Prodotti Stella is an exceptional Italian player in the field of ingredients for artisan gelato and pastries. It passionately, inquisitively explores the gelato world and culture in order to provide:

  • High-quality ingredients that guarantee consistent results in production
  • A comprehensive range of first-rate support services
  • Ongoing assistance from technical consultants with proven experience

We constantly focus on the evolving tastes and lifestyles of consumers and we use what we learn to produce tailored solutions for artisan gelato and pastry makers. Consequently, since 2004 we have boasted an unbeatably comprehensive and innovative selection of natural ingredients for artisan gelato, all of which are strictly Made in Italy.

Our history

From the first packs of “pudding mixes” to compound ingredients.

We have enjoyed growing success over the years thanks to our capacity to cater to the needs of artisan gelato and pastry makers and pick up on evolving consumer habits:

Prodotti Stella was founded as a manufacturer of pastries and other sweet items

we launched a gelato manufacturer under the “Gelati Montanina” brand

we opened the Eurostella production department for a new range of 100 bases for cream and fruit flavours

we joined the Illva-Saronno Group, marking the start of a key partnership that led to the creation of innovative products


Our mission

We offer excellent ingredients, both tasty and natural, to satisfy the well-being and pleasure of consumers while supporting the work of professionals, in compliance with the highest standards of responsibility, transparency and quality.

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