Produkty dla cukierników i lodziarzy

Prodotti Stella’s Gluten Free range

Prodotti Stella’s Gluten Free range is constantly expanding. The products are gradually certified as suitable for consumption by coeliac sufferers by the Italian Coeliac Association (AIC) and included in its Guide. More than 100 new products will be added in the 2016 Guide.

The AIC was founded to help people with gluten sensitivity, intolerance and allergies to understand which foods are suitable for them and which are not. It has been publishing a “Guide to suitable products on the market for coeliac sufferers” for more than 20 years.
Prodotti Stella’s products are included in an AIC guide that only lists items with a maximum gluten content of 20 mg/kg, in accordance with EC Regulation 41/2009.
The products are only certified after strict checks have been carried out on both the ingredients and the working environment and procedures, in order to ensure that there is absolutely no risk of contamination.