Gluten Free Prodotti Stella

Prodotti Stella’s
Gluten Free range says

No to Gluten

No ingredients that contain gluten are used in Prodotti Stella’s Gluten Free range and it is not contaminated in any way during the production and distribution processes.

Yes to Health

Strict production process protocols and upstream and downstream checks guarantee that the gluten content of certified Gluten Free products is lower than 20 mg/kg.

Yes to taste

Gelato made with Prodotti Stella’s Gluten Free ingredients has all of the sensory qualities and characteristics that you would expect to find in good artisan gelato. Prodotti Stella’s Gluten Free range allows gelato makers to offer a vast selection of products to consumers who avoid gluten out of necessity or choice.

Prodotti Stella has been "Gluten Free" since 2000



Prodotti Stella introduced a "Gluten Free" range back in 2000 after realizing that it was not just a passing fad but one of the main trends in the food industry.



Thanks to constant research, in recent years Prodotti Stella has continually expanded its increasingly broad and comprehensive selection of Gluten Free products.