New semifreddo cakes by Prodotti Stella

The summer is coming to an end and the crisp air is ushering in the autumn. At this time of year, instead of a creamy gelato, lots of customers in gelato parlours decide to buy a delicious semifreddo, as long as it is an artisan product.

Prodotti Stella is presenting three mouth-watering new semifreddo cakes for the autumn: Kookie Stella cake, Sardinia cake and Pistacchiosa cake.

For the 2018 season, Prodotti Stella has created three completely Gluten Free products inspired by the famous chocolate biscuits. As well as gelato, they are also ideal for making confectionery. Their stars inspired the delicious Kookie Stella Cake, which is suitable for gluten-intolerant people of all ages. The base of the cake consists of a mixture of crushed Biscuits, Prestige Milk Chocolate Coating and Kookie Stella semifreddo. The middle of the cake is filled with the rich flavour of cocoa, which along with the biscuit crumbs makes the Variegato a superb addition and gives a crunchy note to the dessert. The finishing touch is provided by glaçage made with Nutgel Cocoa and Prestige Milk Chocolate Coating, which is given a unique twist by stylized stars created with Nutgel White. All Kookie Stella products are certified Gluten Free.

Sardinia cake stems from a selection of exquisite, exclusive ingredients that are fused in a finely balanced array of flavours with the capacity to satisfy even the most refined palates and inspire infinite creations.

The “Sardinia Base” of the semifreddo is created by combining crumbled Savosardo sponge fingers with Pralined Almond Chips and White Chocolate Coating. The softness of the sponge finger crumbs contrasts wonderfully with the crunchy almond chips. A pleasant surprise awaits in the ricotta semifreddo filling, in the shape of Sardinia Jellies. A splash of colour is added to the semifreddo by drops of Variegato Sardinia in the transparent glaçage.

The sublime “Pistacchiosa” cake was inspired by Pistachio Smooth from the Hicream range, which has proved to be one of the most popular products in the 2018 season. Cocoa Dobus and Maraschino Syrup are mixed together to form the base. The Ricotta Semifreddo filling has a creamy chocolate core. Pistachio Pieces, Creamy Chocolate, Nutgel Pistachio Smooth and white chocolate Velvet round off this cake, which is made truly “superlative” by the masterfully combined flavours.

These three appetizing ideas can be enjoyed at any time of day, whether you’re alone or with others!

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