Add a special touch with pastry!

Add a special touch with pastry!

Pastry is a little luxury that can add a satisfying, special touch to all sorts of occasions.

Over the years, it has become more and more of a common sight in gelato parlours because it’s a great treat for customers to share and savour. Semifreddo cakes and single-portion desserts have become an essential part of every master gelato maker’s display. This is especially true in the winter, when people might be prepared to go without the delights of gelato but they still can’t resist a creamy cold dessert.

As is the case with gelato, the future of pastry lies in raising standards ever higher, with more and more meticulous designs and attention to detail, not to mention a selection of fresh, high-quality ingredients.

The inspiration for new creations can come in all sorts of forms, including journeys, romantic relationships and personal experiences. A semifreddo can encapsulate the feelings of its maker, so that they can be shared with those who are lucky enough to eat it.

Prodotti Stella decided to draw on its experience and dedicate part of its stand at Sigep 2019 to showcasing exceptional confectionery. There were two displays containing the single-portion desserts and cakes for 2019 and two experts to provide visitors with all of the information they needed. In addition, 5,000 samples of cold desserts were handed out over the course of the event.

Venesiana cake and Disaronno single-portion dessert were among the new creations presented at the exhibition.


Both are part of the All Natural selection. The former has a modern look thanks to the “mirror” effect produced by a combination of chocolate flavoured glaçage and white chocolate flavoured glaçage in an orange hue. The filling features an Orange Variegato gelée core surrounded by Black Variegato Italian semifreddo and Bavarian cream made with All Natural yellow cream.

Meanwhile, hidden inside the Disaronno dessert – which boasts an original “flame” shape – are an Orange Variegato gelée and Disaronno-flavoured Italian semifreddo. Topping it all off are the unmistakable taste sensations of Excellence Plain Chocolate Coating.

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