Stella 2.0 values


We offer excellent ingredients, both tasty and natural, to satisfy the well-being and pleasure of consumers while supporting the work of professionals, in compliance with the highest standards of responsibility, transparency and quality.



Drawing on our core values and our mission statement, we have created a new company code of conduct and a manifesto for the new road that we want to follow with the members of our team and our customers, partners and suppliers.


People want to be sure that they can trust what they are consuming and especially what they are eating, as well as the companies providing it all.
Every successful product is created solely to anticipate and satisfy the new needs and desires of consumers.
Trust cannot be bought or sold. Trust is something that you create, with your actions. In order to gain trust, the number one rule is to show trust.



Customers and consumers are no longer satisfied with a glossy brochure. They want to see products, learn about them and discuss them with technical experts.
Companies have to go out among the people, listen to their customers and learn everything they can from them.
Nutrition information has an increasingly important role when it comes to influencing buying decisions. However, consumers do not just check the sugar content of products and see if they contain artificial colourings. There is also growing demand for information about companies’ social responsibility and environmental impact.



Consumers look for naturalness, authenticity and wholesomeness in products, their ingredients, their packaging and even in the processes followed by the manufacturers. Food is about pleasure, socializing, health, prevention and much more besides. There is also an ever larger focus on the nutritional side of things: consumers are well informed and have expert knowledge. They appreciate the inclusion of certain ingredients and expect others to be removed.
There is increasingly clear, strong demand for naturally good food.



Our planet is suffering in a way that is terrifying and unsustainable.
We must take action. Companies are increasingly defined by their choices: by what they decide to do and - most importantly - what they decide not to do or to stop doing.
The way in which an organization works to achieve its goals is just as important as achieving them in the first place.


A smile is worth more than a thousand words. We focus on the things that fill our days and lives with meaning: smiles and laughter, friends and loved ones, work and our networks of relationships... and finally gelato, which symbolizes and seals the pleasure of spending time together.
We look for happiness in everyday life, putting smiles on faces one scoop at a time.

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