We provide extremely high-quality products for artisan gelato and pastry makers that are based on three principles:


At Prodotti Stella, we have embraced the clean label approach and we provide a growing range of extremely high-quality, safe and certified products. This is perfectly reflected by our All Natural range, which offers artisan gelato makers and their customers an authentic, transparent and natural alternative


Over more than 80 years, we have constantly invested in Research and Development so that we can offer innovative solutions that reflect market trends, evolving tastes and the latest demand from customers.


Masterfully made artisan gelato requires wholesome, genuine ingredients. Therefore, we tirelessly seek out top quality ingredients and exceptionally balanced recipes so that we can provide the best products ever..


Safety has always been a top priority for us when we make products for creating the best artisan gelato around. Quality is crucial, not only in our selection of outstanding ingredients but also in our corporate values, our production processes and the constant investments in research and innovation that we make every year in order to guarantee unparalleled standards..

ISO 9001 is the benchmark international standard for quality management systems.

A number of Prodotti Stella products have been awarded Halal certification by HALAL ITALIA.

We are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for exports to the USA.

A number of Prodotti Stella products have been awarded Kosher certification by EUROKOSHER SRL

Since 2019, Prodotti Stella has been certified in accordance with the IFS Broker standard. This underlines its dedication to defending the safety, quality and legal requirements of the products that it sells, as well as its commitment to enhancing its performance with customers.


There is a growing focus on consumer needs and different lifestyles in the world today. We endeavour to satisfy market demand with self-certification schemes for products that cater to the needs of modern consumers.

An entire range of 100% natural products

More than 300 Gluten Free products

High regard for Vegan culture

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