You can choose different solutions between our Bases, all of them without any synthetic thickeners and emulsifiers and without vegetable fats.

You can pick ingredients with different dosages, clean flavor and with a natural creamy taste,according to your needs. The result can be surprising: creamy gelato can be obtained, with clean taste to enhance flavors, and with a perfect texture in display case.

If you are looking for an “exclusive recipe” then the ingredients based on functional components like new generation fibers and whey protein allows you to enrich your mixes according to your needs.

In case of fruit recipes you may as well pick between mixes with different dosages, cold and hot process (low pasteurization suggested), all of them suitable for lactose intolerant and gluten free certified.

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cream flavors

Classic cream flavors for All Natural Gelato, and beyond.

Based on the principles of “Clean Label” giving you the opportunity of proudly showing your ingredients list to the consumers. Let’s make an example: 8709 Crema Pistacchio Sicilia S:C.. Ingredients: Pistacchio.

This means not just respect for the All Natural Manifesto, but also Not using additional fats and other dry fruits.

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fruit flavors

Perfect as flavors or supplements for fresh or frozen fruits.

Some are also suitable for the preparation of slushes and to variegate, as for our All Natural Mango.

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variegates and coatings

The All Natural selection includes 7 ripples specific to “scrumble the Gelato” and prepare cold pastry items.

For instance our Copertura Fondente Excellence is based on fondant chocolate (74%). You can choose between many cream or fruit ripples.

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You can choose among 17 crumbs to decorate gelati and semifreddi.

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With Albumix you can prepare cakes, mono-portions, plated desserts and creams for classic Italian semifreddo, Jellymix instead is more specific for gelèe applications.

Some Examples? Brulèe cake with figs, Mediterranean cake, Safari and Flor de Caribe.

Our team of technical consultants, specialized in all of the aspects of cold All Natural pastry can support you directly in your kitchen.

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