Products for artisan gelato

100% Vegan,
All Natural gelato

Embracing a vegan lifestyle means putting the value of life and nature first. Like the rest of their food, advocates of this philosophy want their gelato to be environmentally friendly and free of animal fat.

Think Vegan gelato has been created to meet their requirements. Prodotti Stella has combined the an- cient art of gelato making with growing sensitivity to the needs of our planet’s ecosystem.
Therefore, as well as espousing a cruelty-free ethical approach, the Think Vegan line is also All Natural.

free from artificial colourings and flavourings
free from hydrogenated vegetable fat
free from artificial thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers
free from GMOs
free from animal ingredients



Why choose
Think Vegan,
Prodotti Stella’s
vegan gelato?


Because it is
All Natural

Think Vegan gelato is All Natural. The line does not contain animal products and it is also completely free of additives and artificial flavourings, colourings and thickeners.

Nothing but high-quality, 100% natural ingredients are used in the All Natural products. In addition, the line is free of GMOs (and derivatives) and hydrogenated vegetable fat. All Natural Gluten Free gelato bases are also available for people with gluten sensitivity and intolerance.

Because it is
Free of animal products

Think Vegan gelato is perfect for people who have chosen to adopt a 100% vegan diet. It does not con- tain any animal-based ingredients, technological aids or supports.

Since it does not contain lactose, animal fats or cholesterol, the gelato is also extremely light and healthy, so it is perfect for people with food in- tolerances, allergies (to lactose), cardiovascular dise- ase and high cholesterol.

Because it is
Naturally good

Not all gelato is genuinely tasty, specially if it is made with 100% vegan ingredients and therefore wi- thout certain products that have traditionally been considered indispensable, such as milk, cream and eggs.

We believe that nobody should miss out on the delightful taste of good artisan gelato - and that in- cludes people with food intolerances and those who choose to follow a vegan diet. The Think Vegan line is the result of years of research, studies and taste tests, which have made it possible to produce gelato with ideal consistency, colour and taste for vegans, although it is obviously different from traditional ge- lato made with milk and cream.