cod. 8814

It is a transparent jelly in paste, highly suitable for plentiful uses in artisanal pastry and gelato.

It features a neutral flavour, making it ideal even in case of use with Pastecreme (for instance to create a marble effect with Cocoa Topping Sauce, Caramel Topping Sauce, a.s.o.)


  • To prepare “mirror-like coatings” for cakes and single portions: it remains shiny even at temperatures below zero.
  • To fill in semifreddi, mousse in tub and cakes in combination with Variegati Quattrostagioni or Pastecreme and Pastefrutta and fresh fruit.
  • To coat (“brush”) fresh fruit both on a cake and on fruit salads: it ensures fruit with an excellent preservation


3 kg
12 m

Technical Sheet

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