“Learning is experience.
Everything else is just information.”

Albert Einstein

Training has little value if it is not accompanied by practical experience.
You can only really learn the art of making gelato, pastries and baked goods if you take a “hands on” look with our dedicated trainers and follow their lead, while also benefiting from their theoretical and practical teaching.
Prodotti Stella courses will help you to “learn the art” and “put it on display”. We will make the most of every minute of your time on a specially tailored programme for you, during which you will learn all about the distinctive qualities and versatility of our products, as well as the latest market trends.

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Cold Pastries



Our “one-to-one” courses are put together by our technical experts to cater to the individual needs of each customer.

There is a wide range of topics on offer: in-depth theoretical and practical looks at the use of products, recipes, decorative techniques, presentation in displays, market trends and specific tips for the field.


It has never been so essential for Gelato and Pastry makers to have all-round training in order to pave the way to success for their businesses. As well as technical tips, we also offer advice on managing a store, microeconomics and marketing.


Courses of this kind are suitable for people who:
- Want to venture down a new professional path
- Would like to open a new gelato parlour
- Already work in the field and would like to improve and/or refresh their know-how.


The courses are organized at our Altavilla Vicentina site (near Vicenza) or in the facilities of authorized dealers.


Stella LAB

Stella LAB initiatives involve a number of sessions about Cold pastries and/or Bakery. The following options are available:

“Hands On”:

there are individual work stations for all of the participants, where they can put the techniques demonstrated by the trainer into practice step by step.
Maximum number of participants: 8


“Group Demonstrations”:

demonstrations by our technical experts, with the involvement of the participants.
Maximum number of participants: 20


The courses are organized at our Altavilla Vicentina site (near Vicenza) or in the facilities of authorized dealers.


To ask for a dedicated training session, contact your local representative or email us at

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