Welcome autumn with open arms and the new Prodotti Stella semifreddo selection

The seasons are changing and autumn will soon be leading us into winter. The weather might be less sultry, but the urge to go into a gelato parlour and enjoy a delicious semifreddo is as strong as ever.

Prodotti Stella is proud to present four new semifreddo cakes that are perfect for putting on display in gelato parlours, with something to suit all tastes.      

Summer has not yet fully drawn to a close and this is wonderfully underlined by the spirit and flavour of the Mojito Cake. Lime Core gelato in the centre is enveloped in mint semifreddo that gives it a more mellow taste. A Lime Dobus Roll base provides the foundations for it all. Original Mojito aspic crowns the cake… and takes us all back to the height of summer in the blink of an eye!

Mango Cheesecake semifreddo presents a fresh take on an internationally renowned, quintessentially American dessert. Our creamy semifreddo made with Gelostella Cheesecake meets the sweetness of mango, a tropical fruit that’s popular all over the world. It all rests on top of a biscuit crumble base. Simply irresistible.

With more autumnal but no less mouth-watering appeal, Pear & Ginger cake is bound to be a hit with your customers. It consists of delicious chocolate semifreddo made with our Gelostella No Sugar Chocolate Paste around a pear semifreddo core. On top is a layer of Pear and Ginger Variegato, which flawlessly fuses the sweetness of pears with the pungent, refreshing notes of ginger root. This cake also has the added benefit of being completely free of milk and dairy products.

Coconut Kookie is one of summer 2019’s most popular gelato flavours and it’s now also available in a delicious semifreddo cake. Chocolate and hazelnut glaçage conceals a Coconut Kookie centre (first the delectable variegato and then the semifreddo). The cake can be decorated with coconut biscuits, chips and chocolate shavings. It’s a real pleasure for the palate.


If you’d like information about the recipes for the new semifreddo cakes, please don’t hesitate to email us at or contact our local representative.