We are devoted to selecting our ingredients meticulously: introducing Prodotti Stella’s new creations for the 2020 season


Just a few simple, wholesome ingredients that are perfectly in keeping with Prodotti Stella’s All Natural philosophy.

Introducing a new flavour in the “I Want Kookie” line, inspired by Piedmontese traditions. It pays tribute to the famous Meliga biscuits, whose name is taken from a local dialect word for flour made from an old type of Piedmontese maize known as “melia” or “meira”. Wheat flour, maize flour, butter and eggs are the core ingredients in the biscuits. Our complementary variegato was inspired by the Piedmontese habit of eating the biscuits with creamy Zabaione.

The flavour consists of:

- An exquisite flavouring paste containing a generous amount of Meliga flour and natural flavourings

- Zabaione paste with an outstanding Meliga biscuit crumb content and a texture that is ideal for variegato purposes

- Meliga biscuit crumbs with butter and lemon notes


There’s a new addition to the Hicream range: a product that combines the crunchy flavour of maize cookies with refreshing lemon cream.

Original, innovative and free of palm oil, it is ideal for variegato purposes with artisan gelato, as well as for creating cremino and flavouring semifreddo, cakes and pastries.


This is a line of products that are packed with whole fruit or fruit pieces. It is designed especially for making variegato gelato and adding an appetizing and attractive touch not only to gelato but also to semifreddo, mousse in tubs and lots of pastry creations.

Four mouth-watering new products have been added to the selection this year: Apricot, Maracuja, Raspberry and Lime. Don’t miss out!


How refreshing! The new flavour in the All Natural Core line is bound to earn a permanent place in your selection. Refreshing and wholesome, it is a complete powdered product that is enriched with lemon, mandarin and orange peel extracts. Although it contains no dairy products, it has a soft, creamy structure and offers excellent stability on display.


This product is made by breaking up chocolate sponge cake in special machines. It is ready for use flavouring and decorating gelato and semifreddo. Sample its mouth-watering delights when you use it to decorate our Sachertorte flavour!


A new product for making brittle has been added to the Gluten-Free Bakery line.

It is a handy powder that can be combined with whichever nuts you like and baked in the oven to make quick, easy brittle. Its versatile qualities mean that it can also be used for decorative purposes with gelato or pastries.


You will soon find you can no longer do without Butter Kookies Crumble and Kookie Caramel Crumble!

These two delicious products are specially designed to be ready for use in numerous types of cold pastries and gelato. In particular, they are extremely handy for making bases for cakes and single portion desserts. Simply spread out the product inside a mould and then put it in a regular freezer or blast freezer.


We have decided to present the market with two new bases that perfectly encapsulate our All Natural principles.

Eurostella 125 All Natural is designed for making gelato that is rich, creamy and velvety on the palate, with excellent stability on display. It contains next generation plant fibres and NON-hydrogenated vegetable oils. There are no artificial emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Eurostella No Dairy All Natural Base is a new base for “vegan friendly” gelato and people who are lactose intolerant. As well as fruit gelato, it can be used to make flavours such as chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio and coffee. It is for utilization with water and/or plant-based drinks (made with products such as rice, soya, spelt, oats and grains).


The rich flavours of these two concentrated fruit pastes (strawberry and mango) mean that they are ideal for fruit gelato and sorbets, especially those made by artisans.  They are perfect for supplementing fresh or frozen fruit and making granita.