Some people love Autumn and others hate it, yet Autumn brings new beginning and changes: some get excited to see the beauties of this season, others live this time of the year with melancholy because summer is over


Don’t let the first rains and grey skies discourage you, Autumn gives you the opportunity to bring the deliciousness of our Bakery Line in your gelato shop. A new line of 6 semifinished gluten free products developed to create wonderful bakery items for your shop.


These products are easy and quick to use without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients. They give the opportunity to amaze your clients and give the pastry chef the time to create new recipes.

The Bakery Line, suitable for celiac and gluten intolerant people, is certified gluten free and allows you to make finished products comparable in taste with products with gluten. All our products are also GMO Free, they don’t contain palm oil, hydrogenated vegetable fats and are lactose free.

Together with a recipe book dedicated to our Bakery Line, we also would like to propose new recipes and ideas for our clients for the new season.


Sacher Torte

Thanks to our Sponge Cake mix, we reveal how to make the inimitable Sacher Torte, whose recipe has been carefully kept for more than 150 years. With few and simple ingredients, you will be able to make a delicious Sacher which will also be gluten free.

We recommend filling the surface and the edges of the cake with blended Variegato Quattrostagione Apricot and afterwards glazing the cake. Cover the cake with our Excellence Plain Chocolate Coating for a final result that leaves nothing to be desired.

Apple Pie

In Italy, Apple Pie is the queen of baked cakes, it's the most loved and the most popular cake between Italians. With the Muffin mix from Prodotti Stella Bakery line, you can make a smooth apple pie, even gluten free. An extra touch is given by a decoration made of shaved almonds and Mix for Croccante Bakery from Prodotti Stella.

Grandma Cake

This cake recalls the genuine and authentic food we used to eat at our grandparents’ house. A short crust pastry filled with pastry cream covered with pine nuts. Using the Shortcrust mix from Prodotti Stella your Grandma Cake will also be gluten free. We assure you won’t feel any difference. This cake is a perfect snack for your kids when they get back from school.


If you curious to try these recipes with these products from the Bakery lines, send an email to, or ask your sales rep. A complete recipe book is also available.