Three delicious semifreddo cakes from Prodotti Stella to launch the fall season in your Gelato Shop

Like every year, Prodotti Stella renews its proposal for semifreddo cakes. This year, between the novelties, we present 3 delicious recipes you can’t miss the chance to make for your clients

Creativity and flavors that remind us of gorgeous places far away from us. The new Tropical cake features Mango and Passion fruit. The semifreddo is made with Ricotta Paste and Mango variegate on a crust made with cookie caramel crumb. Passion Fruit variegate and Almond chips are used to decorate the cake and make it exquisite to the eyes also.

Kookie Piemonte is the TOP novelty for 2020, a new addition to our “I want Kookie” line, it’s a new paste inspired by the Piedmont culinary tradition. Kookie Piemonte is a flavor inspired by the famous Meliga cookie: meliga, in the dialect from Piedmont is an ancient corn flour called melia or meira.  Wheat and corn flour, butter and eggs are the ingredients to make the cookies

From this delicious recipe we create a semifreddo cake made with Kookie Piemonte with a soft hearted Zabaione variegate on a crust made with meliga cookies crumb and covered with Zabaione glaze. A mix between tradition and innovation to try in your gelateria

The elegance of white chocolate meets the sweet flavor of raspberries. A cake that combines 2 flavors that perfectly match. The crust of your Raspberry Chocolate semifreddo Cake is a crumb made with Butter Cookies. Fresh raspberries and white chocolate glaze are the perfect decoration for your cake.

If you need more info about the new semifreddo cakes please do not hesitate to reach us at or ask  your local sales representative.