2020 is a year of disruption and changes, for many people it represents an opportunity for growth and a kick-start towards a new season. This demanding time is a big change for large industries as well as smaller retailers. We are convinced we are at the forefront of a new great social transformation, a real revolution, a season of renewal capable of leaving behind the dark times; and to launch a new season of progress, optimism, job opportunities, humanism and trust in a better world.

Our challenge today is to offer high quality, good and all natural ingredients, to satisfy the palate and the well-being of our consumers and to sustain the job of professionals, while respecting the highest standards of responsibility, transparency and quality. This is our mission statement for the future.

Building upon our core values and mission statement, we have created our new company code of conduct, as well as the manifesto of the new journey we will pursue together with our team members, clients, partners and suppliers.

Trust, transparency, sustainability, nutrition, and our smiles, represent our values and are the foundation we are going to build our future on.

TRUST: The consumers want transparency to be sure they can trust the whole of what they consume; what they eat, and the companies they buy from. Trust cannot be bought or sold. You can only gain trust with your actions. To receive trust, you must first give trust.

TRANSPARENCY: The times when there was a division between suppliers and consumers are over. Clients and consumers are no longer satisfied only by looking at a fancy brochure, but instead want to know, to understand, to talk to the technicians of this product. The consumers are more prepared, knowledgeable, and demanding. Companies must learn to start listening to their clients and learn from them. To a customer nutritional information plays a big role when deciding what to buy. Going beyond the percentage of sugars, and the presence of artificial dyes, consumers nowadays have an increased awareness to appreciate the lengths of social responsibility and the environmental impact of the companies they are buying from.

NUTRITION: Consumers want natural, authentic, and genuine products, not only in terms of the ingredients they are consuming but also in the packaging and manufacturing process. Food is pleasure, socialization, health, prevention and much more. Now more than ever consumers are paying more and more attention to the nutritional values: consumers are much more informed and experts, they appreciate the presence of certain ingredients and do not tolerate others.

SUSTAINABILITY: Companies are increasingly defined and recognized for the choices they make, for the actions they take and the ones they do not. The way an organization works to pursue each objective is just as important as whether they achieve them or not.

SMILE: One single smile is valued more than a thousand words. Let us focus our attention on what fulfills our everyday life: smile and laughter, our loved ones and friends, our job and our social network… and in the end gelato, as a symbol to highlight the joy and pleasure of being together.