Everything has changed. In the blink of an eye, everything we once took for granted has been torn apart.

Over the course of history, emergency situations have always presented opportunities for renewal and helped to step up the pace of changes that were already underway in society. The current upheaval presents a huge challenge for traders and all businesses in general. We firmly believe that a new phase of sweeping social transformation is just around the corner. We will witness a ground-breaking period of renewal that will enable us to move on from the dark times and embark on a new era of progress, optimism, work, humanism and faith in a better world.

We would like to call the upcoming period

Renaissance 2.020

The name clearly pays homage to the Italian Renaissance, which was a remarkable time of revitalization and modernization in every field from culture and art to science and economics.

It was no coincidence that Italy was the cradle of the Renaissance: it has always played a leading role when it comes to culture, the arts and making everything that is “great” and “good”.

One particularly fine example of an outstanding Italian product is artisan gelato. Prodotti Stella is an Italian company that is part of a large Italian group. We are proud to say that we are committed to keeping 100% of our production processes in Italy and taking guaranteed, uncompromising quality worldwide.

As a result of the current crisis, we have decided to take on a new challenge: our company has set out along a new path towards ever greater responsibility and transparency.

We will be even more dedicated to sustainability, quality and “good food”: i.e. food that is good for both us and the planet.

We want to be closer to our gelato makers, our partners and the customers who love our products.

We are going to introduce a new company code of conduct: a manifesto for the new road that we are going to follow with the members of our team. After all, it is now more important than ever for companies to be able to work together with their staff, customers, partners and suppliers.

We can only overcome this challenge if we work together.