Prodotti Stella puts a smile on the faces of Aunt Caterina’s superheroes!

This year, Prodotti Stella decided to dedicate two new flavours to a good cause: when you buy Naturalike and Naturalove, you’re helping to put smiles on the faces of the superheroes from the legendary Aunt Caterina’s Milano Taxi 25 non-profit organization.

“Aunt Caterina” is famous all over Italy for driving young patients around in a colourful taxi. Over the years, she has been there for numerous families going through difficult times.

Her real name is Caterina Bellandi and she comes from Florence. She lost her partner to lung cancer in 2001. He was a taxi driver and just before he died, he asked her to carry on his work for him. She stayed strong and turned her pain into unadulterated love for those who are suffering.


Naturalike and Naturalove have been conceived and created for youngsters (and those who are young at heart!). Both flavours are in keeping with the All Natural philosophy that the company has espoused since 2004. The following are not included in any shape or form in the products: artificial colourings, hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners, GMOs, palm oil and artificial flavourings.

Naturalove is pink and Naturalike is blue. These two children’s flavours get their respective colours from beetroot extract and spirulina algae. The attractive hues are complemented by delicious flavours.

A merchandising kit is available to promote sales of the two flavours, with gifts, flavour tags and a certificate to put up in your gelato parlour.

If you would like to stock Aunt Caterina’s flavours and support the initiative, contact us at