Naturalike and Naturalove

Check out the Naturalike and Naturalove merchandising: a host of surprises to hand out in your gelato parlour! Meet the minimum order requirement for the new Naturalike and Naturalove flavours and get a kit with some great free gifts for children and teenagers. Inside you’ll find a number of technological items such as earphones and mobile phone holders, as well as drawing sets for kids containing a selection of colours and a book.

In addition to the merchandise, we’ll send you flavour tags to highlight Naturalike and Naturalove in your display.


The pink colour is a real favourite among girls. It comes from natural beetroot extract, whose many beneficial contents include vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals. The tutti frutti bubble gum taste sensations also come from exclusively natural flavourings. All of the solid ingredients are already in the right proportions, making them extremely easy to prepare in a flash. That’s because Naturalove is part of the Liogel line of powdered ready mixes that can be used to make creamy, full-flavoured gelato quickly and easily.

It should be processed cold and the required dosage is 400 g per litre of milk. The products come in boxes of six 1 kg bags. Like all of our All Natural products, Naturalove is made using nothing but natural flavourings and it does not contain gluten or artificial colourings.


Colour and Nature come together in this brand new, all natural and gluten free flavour: with its subtle milk and vanilla flavour, Naturalike is bound to be particularly popular with boys.

It gets its soft, light blue hue from the pigment of spirulina algae, which has numerous properties that make a key contribution to health: it is an antioxidant and immunostimulant that is good for the immune system and it is packed with plant proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Quick and easy to prepare, it is a comprehensive powdered product to cold process with milk. The milk and vanilla taste sensations come from exclusively natural flavourings. Naturalike is part of the Liogel line. It is sold in boxes of six 1 kg bags. The dosage is 140 g per litre of milk.

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