Muffins on the go!

If you fancy something sweet for breakfast, what could be better than a muffin? Their origins lie in “tea cakes” made with flour, milk, butter, yeast and salt that the English nobility first started eating in the 16th century. Over time, the cakes became an increasingly popular choice at breakfast and brunch.

They eventually reached the New World, where they underwent a few changes. First and foremost, they significantly grew in size and height. In addition, people began to make numerous variations on classic, traditional muffins in all sorts of sweet and savoury flavours: with fresh or dried fruit, a range of spices, honey, jam, and much more besides…

Market trends dictate that there is now a need to provide gluten-free versions of traditional muffins. Prodotti Stella is launching a product in its new Bakery line that can be used to make not only fluffy muffins but also loaf cakes and cupcakes that have rich flavours and outstanding textures despite the lack of gluten.

It can also be used to create lactose-free recipes (with vegetable oil or margarine instead of butter).

The delicious cakes normally come in paper cases, but they can also be put on sticks and made into genuine Muffins On the Go: easy to eat even when you’re on the move and just as exceptionally soft and tasty as ever!

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