Festive flavours and fragrances: our selection of baked pastries for Christmas.

The smell of cakes, cinnamon, vanilla and freshly baked biscuits never fails to conjure up childhood memories of the sublime sensations in the days leading up to Christmas, when the whole family would make all sorts of sweet treats.

For the festive season, Prodotti Stella has taken inspiration from classic Yuletide pastries and come up with lots of great ideas for exquisite creations. Masterful methods and recipes are the key to making them taste great. The products in the Bakery line can be used in an endless array of recipes and they are even suitable for people with coeliac disease, because they are gluten-free.

Our proposals for this Christmas include Yule logs, shortcrust biscuits and delicious croquembouche.

Yule logs are an old favourite and no festive table is complete without one. We’ve created a nougat and chocolate version using gluten-free Dobus Roll from our Bakery line, our Nougat Paste and No Sugar Chocolate Paste.

Shortcrust biscuits always prove popular with children and we decided to add a magical touch to the festive atmosphere by making them in traditional Christmas shapes: shooting stars, reindeers and angels. Our shortcrust pastry is gluten-free but everything else about it is just as great as the traditional variety.

Finally, there’s the delicious croquembouche shaped like a sweet Christmas tree. The Zabaione Chantilly cream filling and caramel glaze make it as pleasing to the eyes as it is on the palate. Furthermore, our croquembouche tree has the added benefit of being gluten-free.

As well as telling you about our recipes, we wanted to share the secret to making them a guaranteed success: just for a little while, try to forget about all the problems in the world right now and enjoy yourself this Christmas!