Delicious Coconut Kookie… check out the great I Want Kookie merchandising!

Don’t miss out on the chance to show off the I Want Kookie merchandising kit in your gelato parlour!

Get I Want Kookie t-shirts and caps when you buy the Coconut Kookie product kit, which contains two tins of Coconut Kookie Paste, two tins of Coconut Kookie Variegato and one bag of Coconut Kookie Pieces, so that you can present this irresistible flavour in your display.

Write to to order your kit now.

Coconut Kookie is the new flavour from the hugely popular I Want Kookie range, which grows every year with the addition of new flavours based on the most famous biscuits in the world.

Coconut Kookie is inspired by the delicious biscuits with a fragrant crust around a soft centre. It encapsulates all of the fabulous flavour of coconuts, which come in the form of little grated flakes.

As well as being part of the All Natural line, Coconut Kookie is gluten-free. This is one of the many great things about the flavour and it means that gluten-intolerant customers will be able to savour all of its delights.

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