Bakery: a new line of gluten-free baked goods by Prodotti Stella

Five products, endless recipes. Prodotti Stella has launched a new line of mixtures for baked goods for all those who want to add high-quality, completely gluten-free products to their ranges.

They offer quick, practical solutions without compromising on the quality of the ingredients. As well as astounding customers, they give pastry chefs the scope to come up with creative new recipes.

The line is suitable for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, as guaranteed by certified monitoring processes. The quality of the products is just as high as those that contain gluten.

In addition, all of the products are free of GMOs, palm oil, lactose and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

The following products are included in the range:

  • Mix for Sponge Cake and Roll: in just a few minutes, you can make fluffy, delicious gluten-free Sponge Cake in a range of flavours (such as chocolate, gianduia and hazelnut) and an extremely soft and flexible Dobus Roll that curls up easily into delectable rolls without breaking.

  • Muffin and Cupcake Mix: a quick way to make gluten-free, fluffy muffins, mini loaf cakes and cupcakes with rich flavours and outstanding textures. It can be used to create lactose-free recipes, with vegetable oil or margarine instead of butter.

  • Shortcrust Pastry and Biscuit Mix: a complete, balanced powdered product that offers a quick way to make gluten-free shortcrust pastry for use as a base in cakes and tarts, as well as for making fragrant biscuits and pastries to serve with tea.

  • Choux Puff and Eclair Mix: for making choux pastry creations of all kinds. It’s suddenly got a lot easier to make gluten-free Choux au Craquelin, Saint Honoré Cake, Profiteroles and sumptuous Eclairs.

  • Waffle and Crepe Mix: a powdered, gluten-free mixture for making delicious plain or chocolate waffles, crepes and pancakes quickly and easily. These sweet treats are divine with scoops of gelato, fresh fruit or our delectable toppings.

To find out more about the new Bakery line, contact our local representative for your area or email us at: A mixed 5 kg box is available with all five products inside, as well as a selection of recipes created by our experts.