All Natural Core parties are a big hit in Italy.

The start of the summer has been filled with carefree afternoons and evenings bringing people together to savour the delights of natural artisan gelato.

Gelato parlours that have espoused Prodotti Stella’s All Natural Core philosophy have played host to parties celebrating the associated products.

The company launched the All Natural line in 2004, having seen the potential of the natural gelato trend for the years to come. It is something that has attracted growing interest from consumers, who have proved to place great importance on these matters. In a sense, they are aiming to go back to their roots, seeking out simple, wholesome ingredients. Prodotti Stella has now become the first company in the field to embrace the clean label approach, with the widest range of All Natural products around.

Core takes the All Natural line to the next level thanks to a ground-breaking form of extraction technology that condenses the flavours and fragrances of natural ingredients. Core embodies the heart of nature.

Parties have taken place in gelato parlours all over Italy, with fun All Natural Core activities, games and entertainment for young and old alike. They are a great way to raise awareness about natural artisan gelato and introduce customers to it.

Gelato parlours have made their guests feel like the stars of the show with watercolour face painting for kids, a friendly caricaturist and a magical All Natural Core good mood fairy tale.

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If you would like to organize a party in your gelato parlour, contact your area representative or write to to find out more!