A comic about Love, featuring Aunt Caterina!

Prodotti Stella’s friendship with Aunt Caterina and her superheroes has led to the production of a comic that has been entirely created and drawn by a professional comic book artist.

The aim behind the initiative is to use a comic to tell the story of Aunt Caterina and the love that she shows for her superheroes on a daily basis. She strives to enhance their lives with little everyday gestures that are simple but relieve their psychological suffering. She helps to combat pain and sickness by making them smile and offering them hope.

Aunt Caterina has managed to transform the grief she felt after her partner died into love for life and those who need it.

All those who are lucky enough not to suffer like the superheroes in the comic can learn a lesson from it: some superheroes lose their battles, but their stories can help many other people to win theirs.

Prodotti Stella will continue to support Aunt Caterina and help to tell her story with its Naturalike and Naturalove flavours. Great gelato can put smiles back on lots of people’s faces when they are going through tough times. It’s a simple but effective way to take their minds off their troubles.

The comic is available for all of our customers in Italy (in Italian) and all over the world (in English).

If you would like printed copies to hand out in your gelato parlour, please email or contact your local sales representative.


In 2007, “Milano 25” was named a “solidarity ambassador” for the city of Florence.

In 2012 Caterina Bellandi was made an honorary citizen of Monte San Giusto in Italy’s Marche region, which is famous for its international Clown & Clown festival.